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An Individualized Learning Program for Each Student

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Progress Monitoring and Accountability

Our reporting system enables both teachers and administrators to view and print important information about each student’s progress (anytime - 24/7), from any computer, anywhere.

The reporting system includes:

- Automatic Data Collection System about your struggling or special education students
- Management Information Reporting System
- Math Assessment Results
- Struggling and/or Special Education Student Progress
- Parent Reports
With our reporting system, it is easy to track test results, averages, state standards and benchmarks, time-on-task, and to identify students in need of further intervention.

Assessment Reports

Our assessment reports allow teachers to evaluate what students know and do not know and help determine which lessons students need in order to learn specific skills and concepts. School, class and student-level reports are available to help administrators, educators and parents view student progress compared to class and grade averages from one assessment to another.
Assessment Reports

Progress Reports

Progress Reports
Student progress is monitored and tracked on a continuous basis by providing teachers with
time-on-task reports, lessons completed, and
standards and benchmarks achieved. In addition, our cumulative performance reports allow teachers to see how their students are performing on a sub-skill level at any given time. Progress is tracked through each lesson and subject area, and reports show student assignments, progress, and other essential information needed to fulfill reporting


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