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An Individualized Learning Program for Each Student

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Smart Tutor’s online math software is designed to accelerate learning, increase student motivation and improve student test scores by building a strong foundation in fundamental math skills including number and operations, measurement concepts, geometry concepts, algebraic thinking and data analysis and probability.
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Invidiualized Instruction

Our individualized instructional model makes Smart Tutor a powerful and convenient way to provide students with the targeted help they need, including meeting the requirements of RTI programs.

How we reach all students

We start off by evaluating each student's strengths and weaknesses at the sub-skill level. Then an individualized lesson plan is automatically created based on the assessment results in a fun, interactive and non-threatening environment.

Explicit Instructional Approach

Lessons follow an explicit instructional methodology of interactive tutorial, guided practice and timed and graded quizzes to enable subject mastery. Immediate corrective feedback and explanations support the learning and retention of new information.


"From start to finish the program targeted students ability level. This gave students an opportunity to master the skill before moving on to the next objective."

Veronica Martin, Teacher
North Miami Beach SHS.


Fun and interactive lessons

Smart Tutor’s online learning system helps students build subject mastery and practice valuable 21st century skills in a fun, non-threatening learning environment. Our activities are designed to grab students’ attention and keep them motivated through the use of interactive games, fun cartoon characters and engaging themes.

Automatic, easy-to-use reports

Teachers can quickly conduct progress monitoring and make adjustments to support their student’s changing needs.

Convenient and Easy to Implement

There’s nothing to install or download. All that’s needed is a connection to the Internet!


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Learning Today offers several affordable pricing options to meet your needs.



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