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Math Assessment


Our placement assessment in math allows teachers to evaluate what students know and do not know prior to beginning the Smart Tutor program.

Covers Key Math Skills

Learning Today’s Math Assessment is a 30-40 minute web-based test that evaluates students’ skills in various domains, including number and operations, measurement and geometry. It was designed to assess what students do and do not know and then place them at the appropriate level of instruction in the Smart Tutor Math program.

Reading Math Assessment  

"Learning Today has teachers eager and excited to be able to incorporate technology in their daily class activities. They feel this is an excellent tool that will assist LEP (Limited English Proficient) students in acquiring the English language as well as provide them with opportunities to become familiar with computers. "

- Miami-Dade County District Supervisor

Computer-Adaptive Testing

The math assessment uses an adaptive algorithm that allows the program to efficiently assess students in a short period of time. In other words, when a student logs on, they are presented with an item that corresponds to their grade level. If they answer correctly, they may receive an item with a harder “difficulty value”; if they answer incorrectly, they will receive a question with a lower “difficulty value,” thus allowing students to be placed at a level of instruction that is either below, at or above their grade level.

Audio & Graphic Support

Smart Tutor’s math assessment is presented in an attractive game-like interface. Many questions, especially at the lower levels, include audio and graphics. A calculator is not required to complete the test, but students are encouraged to use paper and pencil if necessary for ‘scratch work.’
Math Assessment

Easy Implementation & Administration

Students can take the assessment in class or in a media lab setting – all they need is access to the internet and a set of headphones (if they are taking the assessment with other students). The Smart Tutor program is able to bookmark where a student stops, allowing students to complete the test in one or several sittings, or in case they need a break or extra time, as with some special education students.

A "Fun" Environment

Students sometimes experience fatigue and loss of concentration during assessments.Quick interactive ‘breaks’ that include mini games are interspersed throughout our Math assessment in order to help students stay motivated, focused and engaged through the end of the assessment.
Math Assessment

Comprehensive Reporting

Assessment reports are available immediately to both teachers and parents (via the parent portal) and can be used for both placement purposes and to determine areas of weakness. The reports allow you to see where students were placed in each sub-skill and whether they are above, at or below grade level.


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